Smart IT invests in workplace wellbeing

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Passionate about employee health and wellbeing, Lancashire based Smart IT has invested in rolling out the wellness platform, GoVida to its staff in the UK and North America.

Wellbeing in the workplace is now a universal issue. The global Covid-19 pandemic, the inevitable shift to remote working and advancements in technology have resulted in a surge of mental health problems.

“As a company, Smart IT has always been keen to do what it can to support our employees in practical and emotional ways,” comments Barry Bullen, Smart IT. 

“As a micro business we could do this intuitively and on an as-needed basis. For instance, I’m a keen cyclist and have always encouraged staff to remain active and join me on country rides. However, as we’ve grown, we’ve had to look for more structured ways to look after our staff and foster their mental and physical well-being. 

“The GoVida platform is our latest investment. Whether it be through activity challenges, a mindful suite, goal-setting gamification, incentives or charity campaigns, GoVida empowers the Smart IT team to stay engaged, connected and well.”

The easy-to-use GoVida app takes a holistic approach to wellbeing rather than purely focussing on the physical elements of health. GoVida allows an individual to earn points from his/her physical and mental wellbeing activities and redeem them for rewards, as well as take part in challenges.

The GoVida app has been implemented across the whole Smart IT business with ease.  The company is offering a range of rewards to employees, including digital gift cards, or staff can choose to redeem points for charity instead, with Smart IT making a donation on an employee’s behalf. 

Barry Bullen says, “Even as we see a way out of lockdown it’s still really tough for everyone at the minute. Although I am incredibly proud of the resilience and dedication that the Smart IT team has shown over the last 12 months, I continue to be concerned about the toll the national lockdown and ongoing pandemic have had on staff mental health. The GoVida platform encourages employees to stop and consider their mental and physical wellbeing. And by offering everyone rewards in recognition for completed activities, we hope to see a positive effect on the health and wellness of our team.

“Over the coming months we’ve planned a number of in-house competitions to encourage staff take-up of the app and we’re looking at running initiatives with some of our like-minded clients.”