Smart IT Data Protection Policy

Smart IT only collects data in respect of data subjects (whether individual or corporate) which is volunteered by those data subjects in the ordinary course of Smart IT’s business relationship with that data subject.

The data so collected is retained by Smart IT in its internal records and is not passed to any third party. Only individuals within Smart IT’s organisation have access to such collected data and they are subject to contractual restrictions on the use of such data. Those restrictions impose a prohibition on such data being passed outside Smart IT. Smart IT have systems in place in connection with all such data that allow full recovery in the event of data being lost, corrupted or compromised in any way.

Smart IT acknowledge the right of all data subjects to request that data so collected be modified, erased, reduced or corrected.

Data subjects must accept that where Smart IT erases their data pursuant to such request Smart IT will be prevented from continuing to have a business relationship with that data subject. engineers.