Ashvin Metals

Calculating and verifying the stock levels, value and integrity of metal ingots has been made easier for a Poulton-le-Fylde firm, thanks to an ingenious piece of new software.

Smart IT has been working with international non-ferrous metals trading company Ashvin Metals Ltd to streamline and automate their management systems for the purchase and onward sale of recycled metal.

The Kirkham based IT and Odoo ERP software specialists have devised an end to end system which tracks batches of metal throughout the entire transactional process, from receipt and metallurgical analysis through to warehousing and stock management.

The work with Ashvin metals is another great example of how we can use Odoo based technology to change the way many industries work.

The software solution Smart IT has developed for Ashvin Metals means that the company can monitor its entire business in real time, with fully automated stock-taking functions and the ability to analyse metal qualities.

Ashvin Metals maintains an extensive network of relationships with consumers throughout the UK and Europe, seeking to offer the most competitive prices on any non-ferrous metals.

The Odoo based system provided by Smart IT is having a beneficial impact on the company’s productivity and bottom line for the onward sale of aluminium, lead, copper, zinc, brass and stainless steel.

There are several useful modules built in to help streamline Ashvin’s business processes, including a sales and purchasing function for selling ingot batches with certificates of analysis and packing lists, fully integrated accounting systems and warehousing management tools.

The new technology is actually very well suited to our line of work. It easily handles the stream of information generated by our staff day to day. The cloud technology allows us to work anywhere with an internet connection and at times that suit us. But most importantly, it means our data is safely backed up.

“Smart IT’s ability to look at our processes and find ways to automate them is boosting our productivity and helping maximise our margins.

“One of the most positive aspects of our work together is that we can now build on the custom made system, add or simplify different elements and create new reporting mechanisms.”

Elliott Roberts, Asvin Metals

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