Why we speak Energy Broker language

With an industry full of acronyms, understanding your language prevents problems and saves time
31 August 2018 by
Why we speak Energy Broker language
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Angela Lawson

At Smart IT when we first started working  with Energy Brokers, we realised that we got to the bottom of things (such as system enhancements or problems) far more quickly if we knew what the heck our clients were talking about! 

When we initially entered the Energy Procurement market as a software provider, we were hit with all kinds of jargon and acronyms such as LOA, EAC, kVA, DUoS, CCL. Answers on a postcard please. These acronyms made no sense to any of our consulting or development teams. We didn't even know where in the sale process these acronyms were applied, where they were used and whether they were even relevant or required within the software! In some instances a quick google search didn't work either. It seemed that the lingo was very much 'insider knowledge' and Smart IT needed to break into the inner circle....and quickly. 

Learning a language

There was no particular order to our learning. We simply had to spend a lot of time, and I mean a LOT of time, doing process and terminology analysis. We analysed charge types, tariffs, meter types; the way MPAN's are formatted and how the top line of an MPAN relates to a tariff. We looked heavily into half hourly data and built a system where such data could be imported into Smart Energy Broker (SEB) and be sent to suppliers when tendering or downloaded for anybody who asks for it. It's likely that for the very first iteration of SEB, Smart IT spent more than twenty times the usual amount of time doing software analysis compared to other solutions we have implemented. And this analysis continued for years following phase one. In fact, it still continues today. However, now we have such a deep understanding of the energy industry, we are able to apply new features quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss. 

SEB was redesigned in 2014 to allow it to scale with whatever strange nuance the energy industry threw into the mix and it can now support tendering and contract management for any country. All you have to do is tell us what meters / MPAN / MPAC look like in the country (outside the UK) you wish to work with, the charge types that exist and whether half hourly data is required. We can quickly have things up and running for you using the same Lead >> Prospect >> Contract Management process that exists in SEB in the UK and Irish market today.

True industry knowledge

So, in summary, Smart IT consultants know your job and industry so well that if you were sick tomorrow we could step into your shoes and provide cover. We know that your sales team doesn't want to waste time explaining what they are trying to achieve in a dumbed down version to a software consultant or developer. Instead, we understand and 'get it'. You want to use your own language and know and trust that the person listening to you truly understands. That's why we speak energy broker language. 

Find out how Great Annual Savings is reaping the benefits of Smart IT's energy broker solution, Smart Energy by viewing the video below. 


Why we speak Energy Broker language
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Angela Lawson 31 August 2018
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