Why do accountants partner with Odoo

18 March 2024 by
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Alison Bubb

​Why Odoo? 

​Odoo is an innovative open-source ERP solution. It is used by more than five million users worldwide – ranging from startup companies with one user to large, multi-national enterprises. 

Why accountants should partner with Odoo 

As an ERP solution, Odoo covers a wide range of core business functions and processes, including: HR, payroll, sales, customer service, marketing, facilities management and finance. 

The Odoo Accounting module and database management dashboards and reporting, are particularly feature rich. This makes it a great choice for accountants and their clients. Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons for accountants to partner with Odoo. 

#1. Odoo supports your digitalisation goals 

A cloud-hosted software, like Odoo Accounting, that supports all aspects of your business will help you to move away from error-prone manual and paper-based processes and to automate mundane and repetitive tasks. In this way, you have the tools you need to streamline your processes, introduce efficiencies that save time and effort, reduce costs, and offer a better remotely managed service to your clients.  

#2. Odoo is quick to set up 

Odoo is a web-based software platform. It is quick to set up and deploy. typically, you can expect to be up and running within two weeks. Because it is hosted in the cloud, and clint databases are easy to duplicate, it is fully scalable, so you can be highly responsive in meeting client demand and business growth. 

#3. Odoo is free to deploy - for you and clients 

The Odoo accounting modules are free to accountants to provide a managed service to their clients. They include templates for company profile configuration for easy setup, an online tool in which you can manage multiple clients and communication through intuitive dashboards and an individual database with fully accounting functionality for every client. 

#4. Odoo is intuitive and easy to use 

It’s easy to get started with Odoo. The user dashboards are highly intuitive and the navigation is simple to master. This makes Odoo very easy to use – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can get started with it. 

Plus, when you partner with Smart IT to deploy Odoo, you will have access to all of our training and development resources in the Smart IT Training Academy.  

#5. Odoo is feature-rich 

Odoo Accounting has a vast array of functionality and features. No matter how complex the requirements of your clients, you will be able to manage them in Odoo. 

It includes: bookkeeping, reconciliation, invoicing, accounts ledger, balance sheet, follow-up payments, fiscal year, support for multiple currencies, financial statements, and reporting – as well as document and communications management and optical character recognition (OCR) for rapid processing and posting of such as purchase invoices.. 

#6. Odoo is trusted by major brands 

With more than five million users around the world, Odoo is a trusted and proven software platform. It’s the software partner of choice of KPMG in Belgium. Explaining its choice of partnership, KPMG wrote: “Digitalisation plays an increasingly important role in the proper functioning and competitive positioning of companies. It is therefore of utmost importance that companies equip themselves with the right software.” 

It went on to say: “Our shared vision will result in the deployment of digital tools for accountants to help evolve the accounting profession. Odoo’s accounting module and, in particular, the smart recognition feature and artificial intelligence (AI) are key advantages.” 

#7. Odoo’s longevity is assured 

With such a large and illustrious user base, Odoo’s future roadmap looks bright. Any open-source software succeeds or fails on its community of users. With such a sizable and active user base, Odoo’s continuous development and evolution is secure and, with the integration of new AI capabilities, very exciting. 

#8. Odoo helps you strengthen your relationships with your customers 

Perhaps the biggest advantage for accountants in using and recommending Odoo is the opportunity to strengthen your relationships with your customers. Offering Odoo as part of your managed service offering help you to remain competitive and build loyalty and stickiness with your existing customer base. 

If adds to your portfolio and can help you to win new business. Being so scalable, it will grow with your clients. And it enables you to offer them the opportunity to access operational ERP software that will help them to manage every aspect of their own businesses; giving them a scalable platform for success too. 

How can you partner with Odoo and Smart IT? 

​If you are interested in finding out more about Odoo ERP, its accounting modules and the support Smart IT – an Odoo Gold Partner can offer in getting started with Odoo, please reach out to our team.

Smart Information Technologies Limited, Alison Bubb 18 March 2024
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