Why choose Odoo ecommerce?

In this blog, we’re making the case for using Odoo Ecommerce as the foundation for your online retail operation.
9 June 2020 by
Why choose Odoo ecommerce?
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Barry Bullen

The array of ecommerce platforms and solutions for online retailers to choose from can be dizzying. Major names like Magento have carved out substantial market share over the past few years, but new start-ups are continually shaking up the sector with exciting new functionality and different approaches. And then there’s a different option again – choosing a broader Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which includes ecommerce modules.

In this blog, we’re making the case for precisely that, and using Odoo Ecommerce as the foundation for your online retail operation.

What should you look for in an ecommerce solution?

First, let’s consider the functions and qualities which any ecommerce solution should be able to offer. Clearly, it needs to be able to process online orders and manage product inventory. It also needs to be able to manage returns in the event that a customer is unhappy with their order, or wants to exchange it for something else.

Multichannel integration should also be a consideration, enabling you to introduce functions such as selling over social media, and likewise multi-payments should be supported, so that you can expand into new markets or offer varied payment options with ease. SEO friendliness is also important, enabling your ecommerce operation to maximise its digital marketing efforts. 

Then there are elements which should be considered when deploying any new enterprise IT; how robust and secure is the proposed solution, how will it support your legal and regulatory compliance requirements, and how will it scale up and support your business growth?

Odoo scores extremely highly on all fronts – let’s take a closer look at how. 

Rich features

First, the Odoo Ecommerce module encompasses incredibly rich ecommerce functionality as standard. Straight out of the box, you gain access to a powerful array of tools for designing and configuring your online store, including form builders, professional themes, inline editing and the ability to create products available in multiple variants. Integrated functionality for cross-selling and up-selling products, options for boosting sales, marketing automation when carts are abandoned and support for promo codes and coupons all help to maximise the performance of your ecommerce site from day one. Rich payment and shipping methods, billing and accounting functions and reporting tools ensure that the back end of your site is as sophisticated and seamless as the front. 

A flexible platform

As an open development environment, once you deploy Odoo, you have control over the source code of your ecommerce solution. The flexibility of this really comes into its own as your business expands and grows – if you wish to push out into new markets, add new payment options or sales channels, then in conjunction with your Odoo partner you can tailor your ecommerce solution to fit your exact requirements.

A modular system

Odoo Ecommerce is just one of the myriad different modules available as the wider Odoo ERP system – which means that you can use Odoo as the foundation for all your business functionality, and don’t have to worry about a complicated integration between separate ERP and ecommerce systems further down the line. This modular approach is the ideal platform for business growth, enabling to add and develop new modules at precisely the pace which suits your business.

Want to learn more about how Odoo Ecommerce could be right for your organisation? Get in touch with us today.

Why choose Odoo ecommerce?
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Barry Bullen 9 June 2020
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