Why choose Odoo 14 as your ecommerce platform?

In this blog we cover why Odoo 14 the ideal choice for your business
25 February 2021 by
Why choose Odoo 14 as your ecommerce platform?
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Barry Bullen

When it comes to choosing an ecommerce platform, the array of choices can be bewildering. Cloaked in marketing language and jargon, the menu of options is both enticing and confusing. So in this blog we’re explaining why we think Odoo 14 is the ideal choice – not with reference to jazzy product names or slick advertising, but reference to the cold hard functionality your business needs.


What is Odoo 14 for ecommerce?

First, a quick primer. Odoo 14 for ecommerce is the latest ecommerce module offered as part of the broader Odoo ERP platform. That is, Odoo 14 is one cog within a much bigger machine – a machine which can cover all of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs.

And that’s the first great reason for choosing Odoo – because you can work with a single platform for myriad business functions, it makes internal management – both operational and financial – much smoother and simpler. Leaving you with more time to focus on actually running your business.


Features of Odoo for ecommerce

As for what Odoo’s ecommerce module can actually do in terms of turbo-charging your ecommerce operations – its features are plentiful.

First, it offers a range of editing features allowing you to design and reconfigure your ecommerce website. These features include a range of professional themes, an online form builder and much more – and they don’t require a degree in software design in order to use them.

Second, it integrates smoothly with multiple third-party services required for a full end-to-end ecommerce offering – such as shipping services and payment gateways. Shipping carriers including FedEx, DHL and UPS are all supported, allowing orders to be tracked in the Odoo ERP, whilst a full suite of payments gateways including Paypal can be integrated also.

Third, Odoo for ecommerce focuses on enhancing the shopping experience, ultimately making your ecommerce site more user-friendly and enabling you to convert more browsers into buyers. Such enhancement comes in multiple shapes and forms – live chat, wish list product comparison features, customer onboarding support, and much more.

Fourth, it is  focused on helping you up-sell and cross-sell, with integrated functions for managing things like promotions and coupon programmes, and auto-informing customers about abandoned carts. In other words, Odoo is designed with your business bottom line in mind. Indeed, further functions, such as analysis of sales and inventory levels, and automatic stock adjustments and reporting, help to drive profitability.  

Fifth, Odoo for ecommerce enables multiple stores to be managed from a single platform. In turn, this means simpler management, particularly when dealing with common inventory across all stores.


New features in Odoo 14

This is just a snapshot of some of the features within Odoo for ecommerce, but it should help to explain why this is an option to suit so many online businesses. However, many of the above features have been part of previous iterations of Odoo’s ecommerce module. Odoo 14 has added some all-new snippets, enabling a raft of shiny new functions:

  • Countdowns: Launching an all-new ecommerce website, a redesign or refresh, a new marketing campaign or a new product line? The countdown snippet helps you to drum up intrigue and excitement ahead of launch.

  • Auto popups: A seamless way to get special messages front and centre for your customers – competitions, email signups, product promotions – whatever you like.

  • Step processes: Multi-step processes are a key part of the customer experience on many ecommerce websites, including the checkout process – but they can be complex. The new steps snippet enables you to visualise the steps in any process clearly for your customers.

  • Timelines: Want to demonstrate the history of your ecommerce business in a visually appealing way? Or perhaps the development of your star product? The timeline snippet is what you need.
  • Numbers: Key business metrics such as employee numbers, countries you deliver to and how many days you have been live can be illustrated clearly and compellingly.
  • Masonry: An attractive tiles-based design feature, allowing you to mix and match the visuals on your ecommerce site.
  • Big boxes: A feature enabling the simple side-by-side comparison of two different products.

Want to learn more about how Odoo 14 can help take your ecommerce business into an exciting new era? Get in touch with us today.


Why choose Odoo 14 as your ecommerce platform?
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Barry Bullen 25 February 2021
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