Six reasons to choose Odoo

Odoo is one of the most utilised open source ERP solutions in the market, but why should you choose Odoo?
22 June 2022 by
Six reasons to choose Odoo
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Barry Bullen

Readers familiar with Smart IT will know that we are evangelical about using Odoo for your enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs. It is one of the most utilised open source ERP solutions in the market, so it is clear that we’re not alone in our enthusiasm. But why should you choose Odoo?


Here are our top six reasons.


1.     An open-source solution

As mentioned above, Odoo is an open-source platform, which means that any developer, from inside or outside your business, can build with it. It is free to download and install the Odoo Community version, with no license fees, with the Odoo Enterprise version offering a greater array of features at a cost. This gives you enormous flexibility. If you want to develop a module or application in Odoo to suit a particularly unusual function within your business, you can. If you change your focus further down the line and want to alter your ERP solution accordingly, you can. 


2.    A wide array of apps and modules

However, that isn’t to say that you need to start from scratch with Odoo. There are hundreds of core Odoo modules, whilst the Odoo app store contains more than 15,000 different applications. Of course, being an open-source solution, that number is growing all the time. Once again, this gives Odoo huge flexibility and adaptability – and means that you don’t need to do any complicated development work to get a huge amount of functionality from the system.


3.    A modular structure

Similarly, if you want to start simple and work your way up to a more sophisticated deployment, Odoo’s modular structure is ideal. Install a few basic modules, with even non-technical members of staff easily able to customise the solution by adding further modules based on your business requirements. This all makes for a hugely scalable ERP solution, which grows with both your business’s ambitions and your team’s capabilities.


4.    Web-based

Odoo is a fully web-based application, meaning you can access it via web browsers and it offers management support for multiple users without any disturbance. As such, it is smooth and seamless for multiple users to work with at once, and highly accessible.


5.    Advanced integration

The Odoo development team clearly has its eye on the wider ERP ecosystem, scaling the solution in line with global trends in ERP technology. Whilst you are free to customise Odoo modules according to your unique business requirements, you can also easily integrate them with other applications and technologies. Of course, given the enormous range and flexibility of Odoo’s modules and applications, you may end up running all of your business functions from the solution!


6.     A user-friendly interface

Odoo frequently performs very favourably in terms of offering an intuitive user experience, which even non-technical personnel can get to grips with quickly. This is particularly advantageous for small and medium-sized businesses which may have less internal resources to allocate to ERP development, but also means that for any organisation, deployments through Odoo are typically quick and easy. Odoo is elegant and intuitive – not features that apply to all business software!


To learn more about how Odoo could help turbo-charge your business, get in touch with Smart IT today.


Six reasons to choose Odoo
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Barry Bullen 22 June 2022
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