Introducing Odoo 17: Your guide to the new features

6 February 2024 by
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Alison Bubb

The popular open-source ERP system Odoo has received a new update. Odoo 17, the latest version, was released on November 8th at the Odoo annual conference which this year ran between the 8th and 10th November 2023. Here’s your guide to the best new features in Odoo 17. 


 Odoo is a popular ERP platform with a comprehensive set of modules designed to help businesses manage their business functions, including sales, marketing, warehouse management, manufacturing and ecommerce.  

The latest version of Odoo – Odoo 17 – has been significantly updated since the previous version, Odoo 16. It offers 125 new features across the different modules to make the ERP solution even more use-friendly and functional. 

What’s new in Odoo 17? 

One of the first things you’ll notice with Odoo 17 is the updated user interface. The new user interface has a modern look for more intuitive navigation and operation. The new user interface has also been improved so that it is now more responsive – it will adapt fully to any screen size or device. 

Another significant improvement to the overall user experience in Odoo 17 is the enhanced search functionality. You can now use the search functionality to query multiple apps and modules at the same time, making it mush more powerful. In addition, Odoo 17 offers you filters to help you narrow down your search results.  

The improved user interface and the enhanced search are just the beginning. In total, Odoo 17 includes 125 new features. These span a variety of different modules. For example, there’s been a whole series of new enhancements to support front desk check-ins. 

Let’s consider the improvements one business function at a time. 


What added functionality does Odoo 17 bring to Sales and CRM? 

 Odoo 17 includes many and varied new features to aid your management of customer records and streamline your sales and marketing processes. 

This includes: 

  • Google translate integration so you can easily translate emails and messages within the app.  

  • Chat-GPT integration offers an all-new AI assistant to help you generate copy, for example in client communications or quotes. 

  • Attachment panel in messages. 

  • Ability to pin messages. 

  • New “hands up” feature in meetings. 

  • A wider choice of email templates. 

  • New functionality when handling and resolving duplicate records. 

What new functionality does Odoo 17 bring to Finance? 

Odoo 17’s new finance features include: 

  • An option for separate discount accounts on an invoice 

  • Delivery date field on invoices 

  • Options for branch management and reporting 

  • It’s now possible to exclude 0 entries from fiscal reporting 

  • Share dashboard 

  • Improved expenses accounting flow 


What new features does Odoo 17 bring to ecommerce, retail and bookings? 

Odoo 17’s new ecommerce and booking enhancements include: 

  • Product tags on ecommerce entries 

  • Bookings for resources 

  • Pay to book 

  • Check-in options 

  • New attendance design 

  • Public attendance kiosk url 

  • Display product picture 

  • Attendee QR codes with print option 

  • Pick pricelist when buying online 

  • POS supports credit limit 

  • Basket deals and combo meals now supported 

  • Self-order, load menu from QR code and pay at table added. 



What new functionality does Odoo 17 add for manufacturers and logistics? 

For manufacturing and warehousing operations, the interesting new features in Odoo 17 include: 

  • Manual barcode entry 

  • Manufacturing with barcode 

  • Auto batch function 

  • Import lot with expiry 

  • Real-time inventory valuation 

  • New stock aging report 

  • Auto plan for open shifts 

  • BOM generation and updates 



What new functionality has been added for HR? 

Odoo 17 HR and training modules have also been enhanced. New features include: 

  • Employee certification report 

  • Employee CV generation 

  • Ability to record home working locations 

  • Employee record archiving 

  • Organisational charts by department and by employee 


What are the new security features in Odoo 17? 

In addition to these new features for the various modules, Odoo 17 also has a number of security enhancements. 

These include: 

  • Documents in Trash will auto delete 

  • Improved access rights enrol policy. 

  • There’s also feedback on the status of email aliases and email bounce feedback. 


Is it time for you to upgrade to Odoo 17? 

If you are thinking about changing your ERP software, want to implement a comprehensive operations software across your business or are an existing Odoo user that would like to update to the latest version, our team can help. 

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Smart Information Technologies Limited, Alison Bubb 6 February 2024
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