How can Odoo ERP meet healthcare needs?

1 May 2024 by
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Alison Bubb

Healthcare organisations of all kinds throughout the UK must deal with financial and staffing pressures, increased demand for services and a changing healthcare environment all whilst grappling with the need for and potential of digital transformation.

Digitalisation offers many advantages in a healthcare setting. The potential to eliminate error-prone, paper-based processes or time-consuming manual and repetitive tasks is huge. The subsequent cost efficiencies could help to answer some of the cost pressures that are being felt throughout the system.

Odoo ERP for healthcare

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an important foundational step towards digital transformation. An ERP system offers the underpinning digital platform that enables further digitalisation and continuous improvement.

An ERP system covers a broad range of core business and operational functions, pulling them into a single platform. Functions typically include: finance, payroll, HR, customer service, sales, planning and forecasting, facilities management and reporting.

In a healthcare setting, these functions will also need to include specific features to administer and manage healthcare tasks and processes. Odoo ERP includes many such features designed to enable you to effectively manage your facilities, staff, day-to-day processes, and the clinician and patient experience as well as stock and financial information.

Odoo ERP features for healthcare

Odoo has many features that have been specifically developed for use in a healthcare context.

In a hospital, this will include:

  • Wards and floor management
  • Bed occupation matrix
  • Admission and bed allocation management
  • Emergency care management

In a general practitioner (GP) context, this will include:

  • Appointments
  • Registrations
  • Medical observations
  • Procedures and clinical services requests

Odoo ERP helps healthcare providers with financial and operational management

In addition to the specific features to support medical processes and patient management, Odoo ERP includes more general ERP features designed to support back-office functions, including finance and facilities management.

The Odoo Inventory module includes stock management and financial features, including:

  • Stock ledgers and stock valuation
  • Batch and expiry management
  • Goods receipts
  • Purchasing, invoicing and returns
  • Stock reorder reports
  • Supplier outstanding

The Odoo Human Resources Management System (HRMS) module includes:

  • Shift defining
  • Duty roster tracking
  • Attendance management
  • Leave / holiday accounting
  • Allowances and deductions
  • Payroll processing

Additional features that are useful in a healthcare setting include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Facility management
  • Financial reporting
  • Account receivables
  • Policy schemes and invoicing

Streamlining IT effort with Odoo ERP for healthcare

There are several advantages of choosing Odoo Healthcare ERP. Most importantly, your Odoo ERP system can help you to eliminate manual, paper-based processes. This saves time and effort and reduces risk.

By combining all these functions within a single ERP solution, you can streamline your IT estate. Instead of having to manage multiple software systems, you can integrate the management of many different functions and processes in a single solution.

By uniting disparate systems, you can eliminate the data silos that held back your digital transformation efforts in the past. You can streamline your reporting effort and enable better, data-driven decision making.

For your IT team, the advantages of moving to a single platform are obvious. Instead of managing multiple supplier relationships and maintaining multiple systems, they can focus energies on a single solution. This helps to consolidate skills and deepen expertise. Further, they will no longer waste time on unnecessary integrations because your data and systems are already integrated in a single, user-friendly and customisable ERP platform.

Choosing Odoo ERP for healthcare

Odoo is an open-source software, so it is a highly cost-effective choice for healthcare providers. It has a large and very active community of users, ensuring its longevity – so it is a sustainable choice as well as a cost-effective choice.

Working with a partner with experience in delivering and supporting Odoo ERP solutions helps to further derisk your choice of Odoo ERP for healthcare. Smart IT has many years of experience working with Odoo ERP, with more than 150 successful implementations under our belt.

Smart Information Technologies Limited, Alison Bubb 1 May 2024
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