Smart Packs

For professional Odoo installation and configuration services, choose our flexible Smart Packs

Why your company needs to consider ERP packages 

ERP systems turn multiple disparate data sources – many of which may not be compatible in themselves – into one. They bring clarity and simplicity, and form a clear, unified platform for a growing business to record – and seek – information.

As such, any small business with ambitious growth plans is wise to consider the introduction of an ERP system before its internal data management gets too complex. The earlier an ERP system is implemented; the simpler data management and internal information-sharing becomes. It provides a powerful platform for business growth.

Expedite your ERP implementation

We’ve found many companies spend months discussing which ERP to invest in and planning an all-encompassing companywide implementation. With our quick-start Odoo Smart Packs, your company can reap the benefits of ERP in a few days with minimal investment.Consider one of our Smart Packs to quickly get you and your team up and running with our best-in-class ERP solution.  Specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses, it’s a cost-effective means of building a business case for a larger implementation or to start realising the benefits of ERP immediately.

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Simply choose a 2, 5- or 10-day Smart Pack along with one of our Odoo packages below and start your journey.

CRM package

Keep track of your leads and opportunities pipelines with the ability to manage customer and supplier contacts, including multiple addresses and departments. Users can plan their next task with activity and call management. Superb communication enabling you to log all your calls and email messages internally and externally.  Built in reporting capabilities allowing for dashboard creation showing what you want to see, lead and opportunity analysis and team KPIs. Compatible on mobile devices for selling out of the office and keeping track of the whole business pipeline.

Get started with a zero-subscription cost and a 2-day Smart Pack for only £1200.

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HR Pack Basic 

Includes Contacts, Employees, Attendances, Leaves.

Manage all your employees in one place, Odoo HR pack gives the HR department an easy to use mobile compatible view of all your employee needs. With both a restricted and a public view the Employees app acts as an employee directory and a HR management tool. Tracking attendance of individual employees in a simple to your kiosk mode letting you know when people arrive and leave. The Leave management application can track all your employee leave requests from annual leave to out of office activity’s and sick leave giving managers the ability to approve. Employees calendars are updated automatically letting the whole business know where people are at any one time. Odoo hr has built in reports and dashboards.

Streamline your HR operations with a zero-subscription cost and a 2-day Smart Pack for only £1200.

Manufacturing Basic

Includes Inventory and Manufacturing modules.

Manufacturing made easy, simple to use Bill of Materials linking directly into your inventory management. This module lets you know whether you have the stock available to make your items and what you will need to order. Odoo Manufacturing includes simple to use works orders including attaching images and instructions. All actions can be timed so you can see how long each item takes to make. Manufacturing planning is made easy and reporting is included.

Revolutionise your manufacturing process with a zero-subscription cost and a 5-day Smart Pack for £2750.

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HR Pack Advanced

Includes all of the HR Pack Basic with additions of Recruitment, Appraisal.

No need to get lost in all the CVs that get sent to the recruitment mail box. Manage your job postings and recruitment actions in one powerful application. Link a CV directly to a job and when you have found the right candidate, create an employee at the click of a button. Keeping track of employee progress is easy with the Odoo Appraisal application. Using the employee hierarchy easy employee can be scheduled a regular appraisal meeting giving both the manager and employee action points to achieve within their job role.


Includes CRM, Sales, Purchasing and Inventory.

Never run out of stock again. Odoo inventory will automatically order more stock at the best price when you run low. Manage a small stock room or a large warehouse with multiple storage locations and know exactly what you have and where it is. Odoo inventory allows tracking by lots and serial numbers meaning if you need to know where a certain part came from and went to, it’s all there with a clear traceability report. Stock valuation is made easy with a simple to use report letting you know exactly where your money is tied up. Use alongside the sales and purchasing modules and stock can be ordered and sent directly to your customers.   This includes all the functionality of the CRM package.

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Manufacturing Plus

Includes Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Invoicing and Inventory. 

With all the functionality of the sales package (excluding CRM) coupled with the Manufacturing Basic package and with the added feature of invoicing, this package is ideal for manufacturing companies looking for a comprehensive package at the fraction of the cost of a comparable system.

With each Odoo package you’ll receive 2 free consultancy hours to configure your platform. 

With Smart Packs you get access to...  


Expert implementation by industry professionals 

Email and phone support for peace of mind

On site consulting, if required

Optimisation services including forms, reports and workflows

Customisation services including forms, reports and  workflows

Expert configuration to suit your specific business and processes

Training, coaching and business consulting to help leverage the latest enhancements and best practices

Why choose Smart Packs from Smart IT?


Full support services

We offer full-service desk support with extended hours as standard. Client collaboration and communication is provided through a bespoke portal built on the Odoo platform.

Odoo certifications

As the leading Odoo Gold partner in the UK we have 11 Odoo certified consultants – this is more than any other partner in the region. We have made it a requirement for all new consultants joining Smart IT to be upskilled and through the Odoo certification programme within 3 months of joining Smart IT.

Extensive service offering

Our commitment to your company doesn’t end once your new system is up and running. We offer a wide variety of services for existing clients, including on-site training and ongoing technical support.    

In-house development capabilities

We have excellent in-house Odoo development capability with a 20-strong software team   directly employed by Smart IT – unlike many of our peers who outsource programming work abroad, often to unaccredited suppliers.

Odoo practice established in 2011

We launched our Odoo practice in 2011.  With nearly ten years’ experience of Odoo implementations and thousands of hours of consulting, we continuously look for ways to improve our relationships with our clients.

Customisations to fit your business

We have the development know how to make sure the system you purchase from us fits your business like a glove. No customisation request is too simple or too complex.

Project methodologies

We have very strong and well-established project methodologies developed specifically for Odoo.

Multi-talented team

Our staff includes senior consultants, software engineers, project managers, and support technicians with an average of ten years’ experience.