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“ We were already impressed with Odoo HR's core functonality, but the modifications and customisations that Smart IT were able to make really took it to the next level. It's important for us to keep staff attrition as low as possible, and Odoo is helping us meet the challenge as we grow." 
Craig Shields, Head of Compliance at GAS  

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Odoo HR coupled with Smart IT's software development and Time and Attendance app has transformed the way Great Annual Savings HR department operates. 

Great Annual Savings’ (GAS) aggressive growth strategy means that looking after talent and reducing employee attrition is a top priority. Yet most of the firm’s HR processes were spreadsheet-based and were therefore slow, inefficient and incorporated a great deal of duplication. The decision was taken to look for a single digitised solution which could support all of GAS’s HR functions and grow with the business. 

Odoo’s flexible, open-source approach and highly effective software was already familiar to GAS, since the firm works with Smart IT’s Smart Energy solution, which was created by the consultancy using the Odoo platform. Deploying Odoo’s suite of HR modules seemed like the natural next step – bus GAS needed an IT partner to customise those modules to its precise needs, and implement Odoo HR across its site. 

The solution

Smart IT had already worked with GAS on the implementation of the Smart Energy solution, and the firm appreciated our consultative approach and experience across the energy consultancy and broker industries. We were delighted to remain on board for the Odoo HR implementation. Craig Shields, Head of Compliance at GAS was keen to work with Smart IT on the project: “With the Smart Energy project we not only gained an efficient system but a whole new way of working. So, it was a natural progression to get the team on board for the HR project.” 

GAS chose to deploy all of the Odoo HR modules, which provide a range of functions including contract management for each individual employee, timesheet management, costs and expenses, recruitment, leave management and performance evaluation. However, a number of customisations were required to tailor the modules to GAS’s precise needs. These modifications included enabling appraisals via the survey module, with some automations to ensure that the process is followed and tracked, and integrating the attendance and time management module with GAS’s biometrics entry and exit system. 

Each module was first demo’ed to GAS and then installed on a test site so that GAS could familiarise all stakeholders with the functionality. Following this, GAS worked in conjunction with a Smart IT consultant to define any specific changes to be made, and Smart IT programmed these customisations before loading the modified versions to the test site for GAS to try out. Once signed off the modules were installed on the live site and relevant training was delivered. As such, we have built a relationship of continuous improvement, particularly once GAS began using the live system and appreciating the power and flexibility of the Odoo modules. Learning from practice and continuing to develop the system has enabled GAS to get the very most out of Odoo HR. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

The results

GAS is now using the full suite of Odoo HR modules to manage its rapidly-growing workforce, including its entire recruitment process and staff appraisals. 

As such, it is able to support its aggressive growth strategy through comprehensive staff management and development. The modules are tailored to its precise needs and will stretch seamlessly as the business grows. 

Barry Bullen, Head of Customer Development at Smart IT said: “Staff management is a key part of any growth strategy. It’s vital for organisations to ensure that their staff feel supported and engaged, with clear appraisal and development pathways. Odoo HR provides the functionality GAS needs to fuel its growth and gain a really comprehensive view of staff attendance and performance.” 
Craig Shields, Head of Compliance at GAS added: “We were already impressed with Odoo HR’s core functionality, but the modifications and customisations that Smart IT were able to make really took it to the next level. It’s important for us to keep staff attrition as low as possible, and Odoo is helping us meet that challenge as we grow.”